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Started Working on a Christmas List

My Dad, my brother in law and myself all went fishing the other day. Of course we decided to talk about what we were going to get one another for Christmas this year, because we did the same thing the last couple of years and it worked out for the best. Obviously you want to spend you money wisely and get something the other guy wants, so the best thing would be to work it out in advance. We will wait to see the ads and then look for the best cyber Monday tv deals for 2014 when we know what they are. That is what my Dad wants. He has a 42″ big screen TV, but he has decided that the two of us can go in together and get him a 55″ Samsung smart TV. I was not too surprised that he knew what a smart tv is, because my Dad is a very tech savvy guy. He has decided that he wants a really modern entertainment system and has all of the components picked out.

Of course I wanted a new bass boat, but they both laughed at that idea and I can not blame them. In fact I just need a new outboard motor and that is too expensive as well. The one that I have now is a really big chore to keep running. It is a pain and I am thinking about whether or not I can afford to get a new one or if I could try to get this one rebuilt. That is probably the best option. My guess is that based on the way that it is acting there is something wrong with the fuel pump or the fuel injection system. Either way I do not have the ability to fix it.

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The Changing Pace of Technology

The freedom of data is now in danger thanks to a triumvirate of companies who would seek to put an end to the ebb and flow of data; Time Warner, Comcast and Verizon. These three companies are alone in their quest to destroy the idea of a truly decentralized web. They seek to create a network in which they can control just how fast content is delivered to customers by forcing small companies, like, to pay them to be placed in a ‘fast lane’ which would certainly allow customers to access them with all the speed in the world while the rest of the web lags.

Do we want this? All you have to do is visit Tumblr to see the effects of what the web might be like should a thing come to pass. I really believe that more web designers and companies should do as they did – create a graphic that represents just what it would be like to visit a world wide web that is under the yoke and throttle of companies who would seek to profit from content that is not their own. Why these companies were ever given guardianship of the web I will never know.

I like to think of them as dinosaurs – they trundle along smashing innovation under their plodding feet because they cannot see the world around them for what it is. They see only profit and their perceived destination to reach it without deviating from their chosen path. This is why they struggle against Netflix and YouTube; they refuse to change their business and technological models to adapt to the changing pace of the world. They refuse to acknowledge what consumers need or want and instead try to dictate their needs to them as if they could even understand them.