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Mom, a New Tablet Computer and Cheap Internet That is Surprisingly Fast

Mom started finally getting out more. She would go to the Senior Center to play cards and board games. Then some company started coming into the center to teach the seniors how to use the Internet. The next thing I know my mother was wanting to get online at home. Now when I say mom, you probably think of someone in their 40s. Well, I am in my 50s and mom is in her 70s. I have high speed Internet for my wife and I, and I know mom would only go for it if it was cheap Internet service. She would not want to pay a high price but she would still want it to be fast.

Older folks will tell you that they will not be using the Internet much when they do decide to get online. However, once they get started, they are all in. That is why I knew my mom would need cheap Internet but fast Internet. She might start out with just looking at social media, but it would not be long and she would be streaming old TV shows to her tablet. She told me that she just wanted it to be able to email us and the great grandchildren. I know her better than that.

She would be hooked on the games you find on the big social media site in no time. I was glad that the class was teaching her safe Internet use. This way I could be confident when she takes the leap to online purchasing. It was inevitable. Mom could never pass up a good deal when she found one. I knew her skepticism would help keep her on the safe track for all of her online adventures. I knew she would not be volunteering her address if she was chatting online. My wife and I were so happy to see the gleam in her eye when we hooked up the Wi-Fi at her house.

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They Have Fixed a Lot of Problems

Lease/ Purchase Decisions for Satellite Internet EquipmentWhen it comes to internet not much changes year to year. THe technology that we have is slowly improving but from year to year it almost looks as if it has hit a stalemate, but that’s not true this year. This year has been a little bit different and I for one am very excited for what it has to bring to us. Satellite internet service s are back with a vengeance and are tired of being labled as second class internet service providers. They have upped their game and are back with many improvements. I would even go as far as to say that they are better than the traditional service providers now. They are able to reach a much larger audience as well, they can reach people out in the middle of the country as well as people in the middle of the desert and if you have it hooked up to your laptop you can have high speed internet on the go anywhere in the country that you are. This is one of the big selling points of satellite internet in my opinion. Sure the traditional companies might be able to offer me those insane speeds that I do not need, but the satellite guys can offer me service anywhere I go and I respect that.

You see I move around a lot, I am hardly ever in the same place two weeks in a row so having an internet company that can move with me is actually really important and without them I am not really sure that I could operate as smoothly as before. I no longer have to worry about spotty wifi if I am staying in a hotel, everything is top class and I am very excited about that. If you haven’t tried them since their reemergence then I suggest you give it another shot.