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Having a Homemade Fried Doughnut Occasionally Can Be a Good Thing

We all should strive to eat healthy as much as we can. Some of us can take minor distractions into some indulgences without falling of the wagon so to speak. I remember eating my fruits and vegetables as a kid. I liked the apples, plums, grapes and other fruits that grew in our back yard. I remember picking fresh tomatoes for tomato sandwiches right from the garden in the yard. I also remember mom’s fried doughnuts. That is why I was looking at small deep fryer reviews. We eat healthy, and we stick to our diets because of the occasional indulgence with sugar, fat and that oh so great fried taste.

Come on, who does not like French fries, fried potato chips, fried dough and other wonders that come out of boiling oil? I remember reading about a people who eat fried foods every day. They are genetically okay with it, but not everyone is. Our standard American diet can contain too many fried foods, but that does not mean you have to eliminate them all. One thing I learned early on is that true moderation in most foods will not ruin your health. Too much of a delicious thing might.

We save our doughnuts for movie night. We have popcorn and fried doughnuts for everyone. My wife makes them by using those canned biscuits. We mush them all together, roll them out, cut them into strips, form them into rings and fry up a mess of little golden doughnuts. We roll them in cinnamon and sugar and eat them hot. It is a real treat. I have two and then I am done. The kids might get three before they are cut off. I remind them of the too much of a good thing rule. One key to not having them overly saturated with oil is to use a good oil and use a good fryer where you can more precisely control the temperature.