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Finding Company for Sheet Metal Fabrication

Due to some recent changes in the products we are going to be manufacturing, we are in need of a company to provide us with some materials that we are not able to produce at our factory. We do not have the proper equipment to do it, and I need to look for sheet metal fabricators because we will need some work done with sheet metal. I need to contract someone that can fulfill our needs. Beyond not having the proper machines for this type of manufacturing, we do not have employees that are trained for that type of work either.

I am going to try to figure out some companies nearby that can fulfill our needs and make the pieces we are going to need for our specifications. We are going to have to set up some sort of contract for the parts, in order to ensure that they are provided in a timely basis and in order to reduce our risk. This is a new venture that we are getting into, and the boss is really enthusiastic about it, but personally, I am not sure how well it will work out. I will hide my uncertainty though, because I do not want to bias the process.

Anyway, I am going to call the nearest sheet metal fabrication factory and try to talk to the owner about this potential contract and try to work out some of the details. I have some figures in front of me on the specifics and some of them are flexible, others are not so flexible. It is up to make to get this contract worked out, and I am not super excited about it. I do not really enjoy contract negotiations, but I will try to do my best to see that it is done.