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Make out on Movie Night

While checking the DirecTV channel guide a few days ago, I saw that a movie that I had been waiting to see was coming on television. This movie came out in theaters many months ago, but I didn’t go to see it because I hate paying for the high movie theater prices. Not only do the theaters charge you an expensive amount for a ticket, but they also charge an arm an a leg for food. Even something as a popcorn or a box of candy costs a lot. It’s no wonder that people sneak so much food into the theaters.

I invited a female friend of mine over to watch the movie with me. I was attracted to her, but I hadn’t had the chance to go out on a date with her, so this was the perfect opportunity for us to get together. I popped some popcorn for the occasion, and made some special Oreo popcorn. She really likes Oreo cookies, so I figured the Oreo popcorn would be the perfect snack. She showed up at my house at 8pm and she looked good. She had on a fragrant perfume that was so alluring.

When she saw the Oreo popcorn, she squealed with excitement. She didn’t know you could combine Oreos and popcorn and when she tried them, she instantly fell in love with them. I told her I’d show her how to make it later. As we watched the movie, we started go get closer to each other, and I did the classic arm stretch move. It was corny and classic, but it worked. Nearly halfway into the movie, we were making out and not paying attention to the movie. Before we knew it, the movie was over, and we didn’t even know how it ended. We decided to watch it again and started kissing.