How do i improve my racing?

  1. How do i mentally prepare for races, and stay focused throughout the race?
    Any tips on improving my racing?

    Answer by Alex
    Et carbs. Just look ahead and swim . Dont waste time looking around

  2. race

    Answer by khayum p
    It describes ethnicity

  3. 1. What is your race?
    2. Have/would you ever work with someon of a different race?
    3. Do you have a close friend of different race?
    4. Have/Would you ever live with someone of a different race?
    5. Have/Would you ever date someone of a different race?
    6. Have/would you marry someone of a different race?
    7. Have/Would you adopt someone of a different race?
    8. Are you comfortable being around someone of a different race?
    9. Can you trust somenone of a different race?
    10. Do you believe people are treated different because of their race?
    11. Do/Would you live in a racially mixed neighboorhood?
    12. do you believe in interracial marriage?
    13. Do you think race still plays a concern in the eduction system?
    14. Do you think the U.S. has made progress in improving race relations?
    15. Do you believe the police target a certain race?
    16. Do you think race relations will always be a problem for the U.S.?

    Answer by Oot n Aboot
    1. White
    2. I have and I do
    3. I do
    4. I do
    5. I do
    6. I would
    7. I would
    8. Yes
    9. Yes
    10. Yes, sometimes
    11. I have and I do
    12. Yes
    13. Race alone, No. Issues connected to race, like poverty, Yes.

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    14. Yes
    15. Yes, but it also depends on what crime and where it was committed.
    16. Yes, it starts with educating the children first. If everyone isnt on board or willing then the government will have no luck trying to enforce laws.

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