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IT Chapter 2 – Details of Story and Release Date – 3 Oct 17


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Video Description

Find out all of the latest details on the upcoming IT CHAPTER 2 where the Loser’s Club reunite 27 years later as adults to battle Pennywise once again.

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Video Transcripts


what’s up guys welcome to found flicks
the new adaptation of Stephen King’s it
is officially a gigantic hit pulling in
123 million dollars on its opening
weekend and has even surpassed long
reigning champ The Exorcist as the
highest-grossing horror film of all time
unlike the book which switched between
the losers Club asked children and
adults part one only showed us the
children’s story now updated to the
1980s and in the final blood out scene
taken by the losers Club after initially
defeating Pennywise sets us up for a
sequel or chapter 2 featuring the losers
club as adults forced to reunite to
fight it once more and naturally after
the movies gigantic success director
Andy muschietti and interviews has been
talking about what we might expect in
the sequel as it turns out there’s quite
a bit of details about the sequel
already but nothing too much in the way
of specific spoilers or anything like
that but plenty to get hyped about
before the movie comes out most likely
in 2019 a crucial part of the original
book is switching between the adult and
children’s viewpoints and so rather than
entirely focusing on the adults in part
two it will follow the same format of
the book featuring both the adult
version of the losers Club and
present-day as well as flashbacks with
the kids in the 80s the thing I want to
bring in the next film that I couldn’t
do here is the dialogue between the two
timelines that was so important in the
book and we didn’t get to explore that
here but I wanted to keep the story of
the kids as pure and without
interference as I could the dialogue
between those two timelines with all
those flashbacks is so important to the
book that I want to bring that back so
luckily all of the beloved original
child cast will be returning in the
sequel and it sounds like these
flashbacks will be essential to their
fight against it as adults I want to
make those flashbacks essential in the
plot where in order for the losers to
figure out the clues to defeat penny
wise they have to retrieve their
memories from the past it also sounds
like we’ll be seeing other glimpses into
the dark history of dairy some of which
was hinted at in the first film but
unseen like the black spot fire and
Easter explosion which were cut for
budgetary reasons but some could make it
into the sequel producer Barbara
muschietti says she was particularly
fond of the black spot sequence where a
black nightclub was burnt down by white
supremacists while penny wise
joined in on the violence we think it’s
gonna be a great opening for the next
film she says these various incidents
throughout history show us the longtime
destructive force that it has been on
the area and in the sequel will be
learning much more about the backstory
of Pennywise himself a very cool
sounding scene was shot but cut from the
original film deemed to be too
disturbing that alluded to this
incarnations origins of penny wise as
revealed by Bill skarsgård there was a
scene we shot that was a flashback from
the 1600s before penny wise was penny
wise and I’m not the clown I look more
like myself it’s very disturbing and
sort of a backstory for what it is or
where penny wise came from that might be
something worth exploring in the second
one the idea is the it entity was
dormant for thousands and thousands of
years the flashback scene hints on that
in the book there is a much more cosmic
side to things that we haven’t seen so
far and in fact it is from another
dimension called the macro verse it has
a mortal enemy also from this place a
giant turtle called michurin that helps
to lose his club in their fight for more
on the history of penny wise make sure
to check out my video on that there were
a few brief allusions to the turtles
presence in the first film including at
one point when the kids no – turtle
nearby in the water and when bill
confronts it as Georgie holding a lego
turtle this subtly shows us the presence
of the turtle protecting the kids in a
way and we will see this concept
developed a bit more in chapter 2 but
most likely the turtle will remain
unseen asma sketti finds the character –
fantastic and the turtles presence will
be more left as clues for the other kids
to find to help in their battle against
it the moment you introduce the element
of it which is an interdimensional evil
entity the presence of the turtle comes
with it as a counterbalance like all
mythologies there’s a God of good and a
God of evil I didn’t want to use it as a
fantastic character but it’s hinted
every time the kids are in danger or
something I wanted to hint at the
presence of the turtle and it’s the
turtles continued presence in the losers
clubs live as children that will come
further into play in the sequel via
those 80s flashbacks directly tying us
back into the present-day adult
storyline in the second movie the turtle
left a few clues to the childhood that
they don’t remember they have to
retrieve those memories from the summer
of 89 and that’s how we jump back to
the keys to defeating Pennywise are left
passed and as adults they don’t remember
as adults the club has drifted apart
moving on to their own separate lives
and mostly forgetting about the past but
all still bear the scars especially
Stanley he is the most affected by the
experiences they had as children and has
been deeply traumatized by it in the
book what’s adult Stanley hears about
the possibility of its return even that
is too much to bear and he takes his own
life slitting his wrists and it sounds
like chapter 2 will follow through with
the same outcome for Stanley of which
the seeds were planted for in the first
film he has an encounter with it in the
incarnation of his father’s creepy
painting and even though his friends do
save him he initially believes that they
left him to die and it’s this experience
in the impact that it has had throughout
Stanley’s life that in the end
causes him to take his own there is
something in the future for him taking
his own life that finds its seed in this
film he is the one who doesn’t want to
accept what’s going on and being the one
who doesn’t want to participate
he gets the worst part muschietti also
said that the sequel will further
explore the origin of it but will be
discovered by the adult losses club
members in a slightly different way than
in the book in the book the children
create a makeshift smoke house of sorts
and after ingesting a healthy amount of
the fumes the kids learn of when it
first fell to the planet millions of
years ago in the film sequel rather than
using the smoke house Mike who is the
only member of the club to remain and
Derry will be a librarian’ junkie whose
decades in the home of it have taken a
toll on him in order to learn more about
defeating it Mike has been using drugs
in an attempt to connect to other
spiritual planes and learn more about it
and it’s through drug fueled visions
that he will learn more about defeating
it as well as its origins he’s not just
the collector of knowledge of what
Pennywise has been doing in Derry he
will bear the role of trying to figure
out how to defeat him the only way he
can do that is to take drugs and alter
his mind it sounds like his
hallucinations will be extremely useful
in the end achieving the same results as
the smoke house in the book and by the
end of the 30 year gap between stories
mike has figured out the ritual of
chewed the key to defeating the creature
that will wrap it up for what we know so
far about the upcoming sequel to it I
like the way that they are both
utilizing more of the
book but also putting their own spin on
things and it should be way awesome to
see more of that explored on screen are
you guys excited for in Chapter two
which new sounds the most interesting
let me know your thoughts in the
comments below stay tuned to found
flicks for all the latest on in Chapter
two and all things horror make sure to
LIKE subscribe and follow thanks for
watching see you next time

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