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Our Shower Feels Cleaner Now That It Doesn’t Back Up Anymore

We moved into a really old house, and despite the fact that the home inspection showed us that the house was fit for purchase, we found that we needed to fix a lot of small things that home inspectors do not typically look at during the inspection. For example, we had to call a place that does drain cleaning in Bronx NY because the bathtub was backing up.

Each time that I took a shower in the shower stall, the water would back up about three inches or higher. I had no idea what was down in the drain, but the dirty water swirling around the bottom of my legs was distracting and not pleasant at all. I told my hubby about it, so he used some store-bought drain cleaner to see if that would help. After following the directions perfectly, neither of us could see that it helped anything at all.

A nice man came to help us. He opened up the drain and found that there was a lot of long hair down there. Neither my husband or me have long hair, so we knew it had to be from the previous tenants. He used a special tool to get it all out. Then, he used some professional chemical treatments to make sure that any gunk or goo that was down there would be dissolved away. He said that he could do the same for our other drains if we like. No pressure, but that it would be a good idea to do since our other tub and all of our sinks might end up backing up for the same reason. The price was reasonable, so we told him to go ahead and do it for us. No sense in taking a shower in the other tub and finding the same problem while in the middle of showering.

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