Best Split System Air Condition Installer

Review of Snowman Split program Aircon Installation in Melbourne

Who do you always look for when installing your air conditioner system?

My personal go to is Snowman. I would not review them today. Let’s leave it to the internet for reviews.

Here are the few reviews I found online.

I like many others recently purchased a split system air conditioner from Snowman, then had the task of finding someone to install the unit. After a few knock backs from those that only install if they sell types, I found Snowman, probably the best split system air conditioning installation installer.

What a relief to find someone who actually does what he says! Snowman owner gave me a quote over the phone after a few simple questions. Booked the job in and they actually arrived at the time arranged.

We had not made up our mind on the mounting of the external unit, Snowman assures me they will have everything they need on the truck to to install it whichever way we decided to go. This turned out to be the truth as well.
What can I say 2 guys, 3 hours, and my Panasonic 5Kw is bathing me in comfortable air! Would not hesitate to recommend Snowman.

I was very impressed with the efficient split system installation service I received from Snowman.

I just came upon the company accidentally last Monday night when surfing the net and sent off an enquiry email. I received a reply immediately and Snowman answered all my questions.

He visited my property to confirm the appropriate size and sourced and installed a new Fujitsu split system on Thursday.

The unit was well priced and the fitting cost was very reasonable. All in all an excellent service and I would happily recommend them based on my experience.

I can vouch for Snowman, after having 8kw & 2.6kw air conditioner installation installed by these guys during the week.

Most professionally run trade business I have ever come across, period! Awesome service from Snowman and very professional installation. Booking was easy, they turned up on time and the installation was very neat. They even followed up with a phone call to make sure I was happy with the split system installation. Very impressive customer service.

PS. I don’t understand why the O.P. wants to exclude small operators. I would class Snowman as a small operator, but these guys IMO are miles ahead of the big businesses I had provide me with a quote for this job.

This is Snowman split system installation url.

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