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Top 15 Things You SHOULD Know About Pennywise Before Watching IT Movie

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In this top 15 list, we look at Pennywise facts from the 1990 & 2017 movie, IT. We recommend watching this before you see the picture. Enjoy our analysis of these entries.

Written by: jessicaholom

Edited by: Huba Áron Csapó Sources: Music: Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0…


Video Transcripts

Number 15. Penny wise can make you forget
the people of Derry mysteriously forget
all about the unsolved missing children
cases that have occurred in the small
town. A bit odd isn’t it? You would think
if one child was taken in a town as
small as this one the terror would
unfold in the face of it and would be
the talk of the town for years but not
in Derry.
This isn’t because the towns people are
cruel and heartless nor is it because
they’ve become desensitized to the
events because of their regularity. No.
It’s because Pennywise has control over
the entire town of Derry through
subliminal influence and other actions.

It is able to mold the minds of the
adults in Derry making them forget
monstrous misdeeds or pretend like
nothing evil ever happened there but we
all know differently.

Nmber 14 : Penny Wise backstory is bizarre in
developing the character of penny wise.
Stephen King’s goal must have been to
create something that was as mysterious
as possible. Not only is the monster
itself an enigma it’s actually not of
this world at all the characters history
is one of the most bizarre of any
Stephen King character ever written. That saying something about penny wise or it
was born of another dimension called the
macro verse. The existential space that
encompassed all things before the Big
Bang created the universe as if the monster
comes from another dimension.
How did it arrive on earth? Well he
arrived in the location of Derry the
town. He resides in throughout the novel
about a million years ago. He landed
there like an asteroid but was not
immediately active. In fact the monster
did not haunt dreams for centuries
instead it hibernated until the fateful
year of 1715.

When a deep dark hunger awoke him it
smelled people in the air and dissent
to feed off their fears. The monster
started to appear to the townspeople and
wreak havoc in Derry. Once it was full
which usually took about two years of
feeding it went back to sleep and
hibernated for 30 odd years. After its
first appearance
in town every three decades two feet
again and doing so it would salt the
meat by invoking fear in its victims

Number 13 : It’s a shapeshifter
most people who haven’t read the book or
have seen the miniseries probably think
that Pennywise holds a single form that
of a clown the monster is a shapeshifter
and shifts into shape that its victim
fears the most in the case of some a
clown works wonders
however for others who are afraid of say
spiders or sharks or leeches insects or
other animals or creatures of any kind
it knows what you fear and it becomes
that fear incarnate in both the book and
the miniseries this shape-shifting
ability has made for some of the most
frightening literary experiences any
reader has read or horror movie watcher
has seen a run-through of some of the
shapes it has shifted into Pennywise of
course is one of the creatures favorite
forms to shape-shift into and it’s
easier to lure and hunt children as a
dancing clown and as children are the
easiest humans to frighten
they are among its favored prey one of
the losers classmates
Eddie Corcoran experiences it as a
reanimated being of one of his relatives
as well as The Creature from the Black
Lagoon bill one of the members of the
losers Club sees it as his little
brother Georgie who passes early in the
book because of Pennywise it uses the
voices of past victims to taunt
surviving family members via whispers
from the storm drains additionally it
appears as a giant bird a werewolf a
leper a mummy VI one of the kids fathers
a swarm of piranhas a swarm of flying
leeches the shark from Jaws Dracula the
Paul Bunyan station also known as the
giant Frankenstein’s monster a Doberman
the Hansel and Gretel witch a zombie and
the giant spider edge can manage to
shape-shift into anything your heart
most fears number 12
Pennywise appears and other Stephen King
novels even if you haven’t seen the
miniseries or read the book I’m sure you
all thought that penny wise past in the
end didn’t you because it sure does look
like a happy ending for the losers Club
if so you aren’t a true Stephen King fan
the spine-tingling character appears in
more novels than just it Stephen King’s
1987 book the Tommyknockers is similar
to it and that something mysterious is
haunting a town in Maine the mystery and
Tommyknockers lurks in the woods however
rather than in a storm drain though
Stephen King has deemed it an awful book
he did manage to drop a penny wise cameo
in there the book follows a character
who travels through Derry Maine the
character spies a clown likely penny
wise in a storm drain in the town in
another of Kings novels dreamcatcher mr.
gray sees graffiti that states ominously
Pennywise lives the name mr. gray is one
of the names it adopts the frightening
clown also appears in 11/22/63 insomnia
and gray matter while some of these may
simply be a coincidence
the repeated appearances do seem to
indicate that the losers Club didn’t
destroy it after all number 11 penny
wise must follow the laws of nature
although it is an ambiguous amorphous
monster it cannot walk through walls
that is unless the shape it shifts into
grants those laws of nature yes it is
not impractical the monster must follow
the laws of nature that its shape takes
for instance
if it takes the shape of a ghost the
monster will be transparent and
surrender to the laws of a ghost
whatever those are if it appears as
Dracula it could be destroyed by a
wooden stake through the heart if it
appears as a zombie it could be
destroyed by damaging the brain
if it appears as a werewolf which the
monster actually does in King’s novel
its weakness would be silver the point
is although it may seem invincible the
laws of nature rule him once he
shape-shifts as they do us number 10
Pennywise the clown is the most powerful
of shape-shifts for most viewers Stephen
King knows what frightens us in fact he
said in an interview with Conan O’Brien
that he specifically chose the image of
a clown because clowns frighten children
more than anything they do have that
kind of monstrous thing going for them
he said the new it is set to be even
more chilling and mascara plays on the
reasons why penny wise is especially
frightening to people in an interview
with mascara in USA Today the director
noted it’s established that penny wise
takes the shape of your worst fear he
doesn’t have a steady behavior he
doesn’t expose how he thinks and that
makes him really unpredictable to put it
simply ambiguity and unpredictability
results in fear this is where penny wise
power lies in fact this fear of clowns
coulrophobia has some psychological
basis a clown is amorphous
he’s got human-like features but they
are exaggerated research has shown that
this is what scares people about clowns
the features that are nearly human but
not quite as the brain tries to identify
the features with what it’s already
cognitively established as normal the
pattern is not completely recognized and
it confuses the brain
this results in fear even worse a
clown’s behavior is a bit unpredictable
and that’s what psychology says we fear
the most when we don’t know what to
expect next very unsettling number 9
Stephen King created the character based
on experience King may even be
coulrophobia chem self based on his own
personal experience with Ronald McDonald
mind you King wasn’t even a child when
he crossed paths with mr. McDonald on a
first-class flight King was seated next
to the clown who completely out of
character ordered a gin and tonic lit up
a cigarette on a flight so this must
have been ages ago and started to chat
with King he said he had come from
McDonald land
where that is only ronald knows the
clown also told the famous writer that
he was headed to New England to attend a
McDonald’s opening
although the clown certainly didn’t do
anything the real Pennywise would have
done the impression stuck with him and
he turned it into art number eight
Pennywise inspired some of Kings regular
future themes
Pennywise really was the foundation upon
which King built some of his major
themes were based in the creature of it
for instance the power of memory is
strong in it and is reoccurring in
future King novels King often delves
into his characters memories to pull
fear from them making the memory a
manifestation of what haunts his
characters an itch for example as
previously mentioned one of the loser
club characters bill remembers his
younger brother Georgie the memory of
his brutal slaying haunts the older
brother and Georgie is what it appears
as to Bill
tying him with that childhood trauma is
another King staple it appears in future
books like the regulator and
dreamcatcher of course and it the losers
Club is made up of children who
certainly are traumatized throughout the
novel which affects them for the rest of
their lives
a third lasting theme found in it and
reoccurring throughout King novels is
the darkness hidden beneath the facade
of traditional small-town values this
theme recurs in novels like needful
things and black house King likely wants
to hit home that no matter what humanity
claims to be no matter what values they
uphold the darkness is there the evil is
there the fear is there and this is
where it lives inside us all number
seven courage and heart will defeat it
no matter how intimidating it can be
good will always conquer evil and the
good in King’s novel have two traits
according to the ritual of chud courage
and heart with these two traits you can
defeat Pennywise or whatever shape it
shifts into to capitalize on your fear
courage and heart are its weaknesses and
the loser club’s strength
number six Pennywise is based on a real
clown Pennywise a story
a clown that slays people may sound
familiar and that’s because it is John
Wayne Gacy is the real-life inspiration
behind Pennywise Gacy was actively
taking lives in the 1970s although he
wasn’t certainly of it caliber or
substance and definitely couldn’t
shape-shift Gacy did serve as Pogo the
clown for children’s parades and parties
he did so for charity when it was found
that 33 or more met their end by the
charitable clown’s hand number 5 penny
wise is making it hard to be a clown
have you ever wondered what a clown’s
life is like well after it was written
read and/or reviewed by millions clowns
have been having a bad day after the
most recent remake of Kings Horror Story
real-life clowns have had a hard time
paying rent
many people have been bypassing clowns
at their birthday parties for less
frightening alternatives The Hollywood
Reporter has noted that this is due to
the miniseries and the new movie
associating clowns with fear the remake
is not the blame completely another more
recent pop culture series American
Horror Story pushed a creepy clown to
the forefront who is slated to recur in
the new cult season of the show it also
certainly didn’t help that clowns kept
popping up in forests and other dark and
frightening places last year around
Halloween to turn the nation’s
collective stomach and traumatize us
Pam Moody the president of the world
clown Association yes that’s a real
thing is worried about this pop culture
trend that paints clowns as evil those
who make a living clowning around are
losing jobs and taking names while the
children who enjoy clowns are losing out
on fun educational opportunities for
instance Moody’s character Sparky the
fire fighter clown educates children
about fire safety in an interview with
The Hollywood Reporter moody said people
had school shows and library shows that
were canceled that’s very unfortunate
the very public we’re trying to deliver
positive and important messages to
aren’t getting them
Moody notes that Pennywise has nothing
to do with real-life clowns their
intentions and their goals it all
started with the original it
she said that introduced the concept of
this character it’s a science fiction
character it’s not a clown
and has nothing to do with professional
clowning for those who still like a good
clown ignore all the it’s hype and go
out and support your local clown
community number four any wise shape two
generations fears while the fictional
character it is a shapeshifter
the reality is that Pennywise the
dancing clown shaped the fears of a
whole generation when Pennywise first
appeared on the small screen in the
Tommy Lee Wallace miniseries adaptation
of Kings novel
those who were already suspicious of
clowns had their suspicions validated
while those who would never suspect them
we’re sure to hold them at arm’s length
after their first viewing the newest
adaptation will see the director
anti-mask any will try and reinvent
Pennywise to frighten a whole new
generation and an interview with SFX
magazine Mascara said most of his
inspiration for this will come from
King’s novel rather than the original
as most people who grew up in Generation
Y can attest if Moscati does Pennywise
right which judging from the previews
looks like he has Generation Z and alpha
are unlikely to get the new film’s
iconic scenes out of their heads either
soon all generations will be
number three penny wisest true form is
nothing as it appears you might be
wondering what it is when it’s not
becoming ears one my ask is its true
form a clown is it a spider does it even
have a true form
remember the monsters strange history
and backstory it was born of another
that means it’s true form probably lies
in something beyond our physical realm
the human mind will never know what it
is but we all know that it’s true form
lies in the other realm number two penny
wise has many other powers while you may
have guessed that penny wise isn’t a
simple being you
we don’t know how deep his bag of tricks
is exactly the following is just a
handful of its powers of destruction
illusions the monster is a master of
illusion and this should come as no
Pennywise bag of tricks can make its
victims crazy some of the illusions it
can create are gushing blood balloons
floating towards the wind frightening
noises dancing photographs and various
smells such as rot cotton candy and
popcorn in other words it plays on all
the senses of its victims partial and
visibility even worse only the people it
chooses to torment can actually sense
anything it puts out there the only way
the illusion will disappear is if the
victim can force his mind over matter
and see through the illusion perfectly
moreover unless it chooses to reveal
itself only those who know about it and
believe in the monsters existence are
able to see it and full for instance
Beverly and Ben encounter penny wise in
her home and in the public library
respectively telepathy if the monster is
close to you it might be able to read
your mind this is how it is able to
shape-shift it finds your fear and
exploits it the monster is also capable
of communicating telepathically with
those around him regeneration yes it is
not invincible as mentioned the monster
is susceptible to the laws of nature to
which form it takes are susceptible
however the monster does spontaneously
regenerate after it is attacked or
still this regenerative ability is
unclear and unpredictable throughout the
novel for instance a giant bird appears
to one of the characters Mike when Mike
attacks it with broken tiles the bird
doesn’t stick around and wait to be
injured it flies away instead but when
it shape-shifts into a werewolf a shot
to the head results in instant
regeneration so is this power
all-encompassing or could it actually be
taken down in one of its physical forms
that’s for the reader to decide
brainwashing the entire town of Derry is
brainwashed at the very least they
pretend to forget the havoc
monster reeks on their small town and it
has something to do with this
the monster seems to control the minds
of those who live in Derry as bill of
the losers Club says any place they go
they won’t see it they won’t hear it
they won’t know it those citizens who
are the weakest seem to be the most
susceptible to its brainwashing plants
slang humans isn’t enough for it the
creature can also slay plants though
this power doesn’t seem to have a
it does add to its evil teleporting what
we said that it takes on the natural law
of whatever shape it shifts into the
fact is that the essence of it can
teleport wherever the hell at once the
shapeshifter can disappear and reappear
across a limited distance although it
doesn’t choose to do so frequently
this makes the frightening creature all
the more terrifying as it again exploits
the human fear of the unpredictable
weather the weather seems to follow its
lead during some confrontations between
it and the losers Club a thunderstorm
breaks out this indicates that it is
capable of controlling the weather in
and around Derry as well as the people
in it telekinesis the master is able to
control and animate objects as well it
can lock doors mess with electronic
devices make objects float fall and move
around in a supernatural way with all of
these powers and more it’s no wonder
that it is the ultimate horror soup
number one the turtle is its enemy the
monsters origin takes us back eons to
the macro verse in which it was created
and lived this is where it found natural
emiti in the turtle like Pennywise the
turtle is irregular in other King novels
such as The Dark Tower series here the
turtle has given another name Maturin a
guardian of the beam the Dark Tower
series indicates that both the turtle
and it have been created by an
omnipresent source called the other that
you are sworn enemies in a battle of
creation against consumption
if you want to know more about this
battle you’ll have to delve into the
King novels and decide for yourself what
edge and the turtle really are
are they symbolic of something larger
than a sinister sewer-dwelling clown
knowing King probably thanks for
watching I’ll see you in your dreams and
remember they all float thanks for
checking out this video be sure to
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