Who is Pennywise? The Complete Mythology + Origin Explained


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Looking at the complete character backstory and mythology including the origin of the creature known as IT. Subscribe!

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Video Transcripts

hey guys welcome to found flicks the
iconic murderous clown Pennywise is back
in the hugely successful new adaptation
of Stephen King’s it but there’s a lot
more to the creature beyond his
trademark clown appearance the movie
gives a good overall idea of what it is
but there’s way more to the characters
backstory and mythology than seen in any
adaptation so far so let’s dig into what
it is giving an in-depth breakdown of
every aspect to the character from its
origins to powers and everything else in
between get your clown shoes ready
because after this video you will be a
certified it expert first of all the
penny wise clown appearance is not the
true form of the creature known as it it
is an ancient demonic entity from a
dimension containing and surrounding our
universe called the macro verse its true
form is that of ghostly orange lights
called the dead lights a form of energy
that originated in the macro verse it’s
life essence is literally comprised of
this energy and he uses the dead lights
power within himself while in other
forms to blind his victims and robbed
them of their consciousness causing them
to become physically a mobile and go
insane it’s also seen in the book that
merely seeing the dead lights and the
true form of it can cause someone to die
instantly we see the dead lights
referenced in the new film via the
orange glowing and Pennywise his eyes as
well as them appearing to Beverly in his
throat which causes her to go catatonic
though she doesn’t go insane and is
saved from her state by a kiss from Ben
but let’s go back to the macro verse
briefly as it isn’t the only creature
from this dimension his natural enemy
also resides there
a massive benevolent turtle called
michurin michurin also appears in The
Dark Tower series as one of the twelve
guardians that hold up the tower he is
said to be constantly withdrawn into his
shell rarely coming out for anything on
one occasion he emerged suffering from a
stomach ache which caused him to vomit
out our universe the ancient turtle is
mostly a spectator to the story’s events
but does become involved in the final
battle with it in 1958 where michurin
appears to bill and advises him on the
ritual of to a psychic battle of wits
used to defeat the monster but if
somewhere in this macro verse there’s
giant turtles and it floating around
where did they come from
well they too have a creator a God
referred to
as the other it claims that the other is
the superior being in the macro verse
and although it and michurin are an
eternal conflict the other is safe from
this and it’s possible that the other is
gaen another character from Kings novels
said to have created the various
universes where his novels take place
but also the real-world universe where
King writes his books and real-world
readers read them it first arrived to
earth during the prehistoric times
causing a massive cataclysmic event
similar to an asteroid impact in the
area of what would much later become
Derry Maine where it lay dormant until
the arrival of mankind its awakening is
always marked by an act of great
violence and another great act of
violence ends it spree where it then
returns into hibernation
there are many tragic incidents in the
town’s history tied to its appearance
such as the original beaver trap
settlers in the town who disappeared
without a trace
that is except for a bloody trail
leading to the well house where it
resides now call 29 not Street or an
Easter explosion that killed several
children a fire at the black spot
nightclub and many others that blight
the town’s past been doing research on
the town determines that the number of
disappearances is six times the national
average and for children it’s even worse
that’s because every 27 years it really
concerning to the surface to feed and
spread more chaos being an ancient
interdimensional cosmic being it is an
extremely powerful entity with a variety
of powers and abilities perhaps most
notable is his ability to shape-shift it
can assume many different physical forms
beyond Pennywise but Pennywise is said
to be its favorite form as the clown’s
friendly appearance works the best in
hunting his favourite victims children
the intent is to lure the children in
with Pennywise and after they have grown
comfortable he then changes forms into
that of the individual victims greatest
fear it has the telepathic ability to
understand what we fear the most which
it then assumes the physical appearance
of he feeds on fear specifically and the
reason he prefers children is that their
fears are mostly simplistic and easy for
him to take advantage of and he
describes the process of making his
victims more afraid to be akin to
salting the meat them good
it’s not that he’s opposed to killing
adults they’re just not as tasty it also
reveals his real name is Robert gray
including – Georgie when they first meet
which definitely seems pretty odd so
what is up with that who is Robert gray
based on the fact that it assumes
various physical forms I might consider
that Robert gray is the name of a real
man who at one point lived in Derry
worked as Pennywise a dancing clown and
was a real-life clown murderer and it is
assuming this man’s form as Pennywise
at the time when King was writing the
book the real-life serial killer John
Wayne Gacy was in the headlines and it
was especially odd as Gacy had
previously worked as a clown making the
killings he did take on a very strange
feeling with the serial killer having
been so much around children this makes
the most sense of how King would tie
that real-life horror into the true
identity of Pennywise but again
Pennywise and it are not one in the same
as beyond Pennywise in the book it takes
on a huge variety of different
appearances like several of the classic
Universal Monsters like Frankenstein’s
monster Gill man who kills a child Eddie
and the mummy who appears to bend it
also takes the form of Jaws the shark a
30-foot Paul Bunyan statue and a swarm
of piranhas in the new film we see more
of these like a gross leper for Eddie
Beverly’s dad the creepy painting lady
who appears to Stanley
Mike’s burning parents a decapitated boy
zombies and of course Bill’s younger
brother Georgie in the miniseries and
books finale it takes the form of a
giant spider which is not its true form
but the closest that the human mind can
comprehend and interestingly the spider
is actually pregnant so it’s possible
that it is in fact female but that could
just be due to the specific spider for
me took so we see it has many physical
powers and there are a few in the book I
didn’t mention like invisibility and
teleportation but there are also many
psychic powers that it exhibits as well
one scene often is the ability to create
physical illusions such as the red
balloon seemed to imply its presence or
specific Colusa nations like Beverly
with the blood fountain in her sink it
can also control the mind and actions of
a person as seen when he influences
Henry to murder his father after giving
him a new knife and after this Henry
still appears under its control
attempting to murder Mike and the others
or indeed kill them all as he’s
instructed on a grander
scale it’s implied that it has the
entire adult population of dairy or
perhaps even the entire nation under his
mind-control as they are all completely
oblivious to the many murders that have
been going on in Derry since day one in
the story that adults are mostly
presented as cold and uncaring and just
seem kind of weird but it seems to be
their weird behavior is actually the
result of Penny wisest influence and
this would explain why Beverly’s dad is
unable to see the bloody aftermath in
the bathroom while the other kids are
able to they aren’t under the same mind
control as Beverly’s dad with all these
powers and abilities at its disposal
just how is it possible to kill the
creature once again it has been around
since prehistoric times and before that
in the macro verse so it doesn’t age in
any way and appears to be immortal also
as it is a celestial being it doesn’t
have a true physical form so it is
unable to be killed or harmed by
conventional means they are able to
wound it at some point such as when it
takes the form of a werewolf and
Beverley shoots a silver bullet at it
silver of course being a weakness to
werewolves so when it takes the form of
a creature he also takes on int specific
characteristics as well but none of that
is permanent and the only surefire way
to defeat it is via the aforementioned
ritual of chewed performed by the losers
Club working together their bond making
them strong enough to take him down but
it doesn’t believe it’s only their power
that defeated them but it was only by
the other also working in their favor
that gave them enough strength to defeat
him in the end
all right guys that’ll wrap it up for my
in-depth look at the character of
Pennywise aka it what did you guys think
of the new version of penny wise and how
did you like the new movie. In case you did not know, Chapter 2 is on the way !

Let me know
your thoughts in the comments below make
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for watching found flix see you next

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